Why we started Mountain Metrics

Enrique Gonzalez, one of our teamates, is the multimedia designer at The Chicago History Museum.

The museum has a vast collection of beautiful old photos that are locked away in the archives. About a year ago Enrique decided to start posting some of these photos on Tumblr, a small blogging platform, each day. One year later the Chicago History Museum’s Tumblr has more than 80,000 followers and add 5,000 new followers each week.

The blog was a fantastic success, but there was a serious problem – Tumblr doesn’t provide the data he needed to make informed decisions about his blog. He had no idea who his followers were, where they came from, or how they interacted with his content.

For almost a year Enrique tracked statistics about his blog in a giant spreadsheet. It was a tedious, tiresome, and time-consuming task. This is why we created Mountain, to provide an easy way to keep track of metrics for your Tumblr account.

Hello World!


For the last few weeks we’ve been working on Mountain, an analytics platform built specifically for Tumblr. By default Tumblr doesn’t give you any information about your account, but we’re trying to change that!

Here’s a taste of what you will be able to see in Mountain v1.

  • Number of visitors over time.
  • Average time spent on your site.
  • People viewing your site from a phone. 
  • Total notes over time.
  • Total followers over time.
  • Popular content.
  • Primary search terms.

We’re looking for feedback. What information do you want to see from Tumblr?



It’s Friday night! Perhaps you have need of a bottle of wine for a nice evening out (or in)?  Don’t fret. We at the Discovery News tumblr page have found a way to help you pick. If it looks complicated, that’s because it is.


Infografica dedicata al vino

Good luck with this. — tanya b.